4 Cool Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire

If you are contemplating a bathroom renovation, there are obviously many options and choosing a style in line with the general décor of the home is also advised, which adds character to the property. Here are a few chic bathroom design concepts you might like to consider.

  1. The Tiled and Pebbled Look – A white minimalist bath set onto pebbles really does create a soothing ambience, with one metre of bleached pebbles surrounding the tub and then classic patterned tiles from https://www.brindabella.net.au/ and some pine furniture completes the look. Such a bathroom renovation specialist can work to an image you pulled from the Internet, so search with Google Images and see what you can find.
  2. Mirrored Glass – If you want something a little different; futuristic even, then check out a few mirrored bathroom images that you can find online. Merges with stainless steel and smoke grey tiles, you can have a handle-less bathroom with smooth, clean lines that adds a touch of sophistication. One wall can be covered with mirrored glass and your shower unit can also be mirrored, with a tint to keep the light soft. This type of bathroom is very easy to keep clean and is perfect for that modern minimalist look.
  3. Swedish Pine & Vinyl Flooring – If you love that Swedish sauna look, pine cabinets and a vinyl hardwood or stone design is perfect. White walls with pale blue tiles are easy on the eye and a few wicker baskets for good measure will add texture and depth. European style wall lamps give you general lighting and stick with pastel colours and you can’t go wrong.
  4. A Green Bathroom – Why not bring a little nature into your bathroom with some ever-green plants that can hang from the wall with a couple of large floor urns that hold some fauna. Hanging plants can drape from a painted wall and with tiles that have natural patterns will add to the natural look.

Of course, a lot depends on how much space you have and, of course, the scope of the project – how much you are prepared to invest – and with a local bathroom renovation specialist, you can have the bathroom of your dreams. If you have a firm idea of your ideal bathroom, that’s great but if not, let the renovation company help by making some suggestions, as they have a wealth of experiencing in designing bathroom spaces.

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