A Guide On Carpenter Ant

Everyone can see fourmis charpentières partout nowadays. Carpenter ants are harmless to people. However, its quality regularly shows primary problems, protection or water invasion. This is why the eradication of carpenter ants is suggested when their essence is recognized around or inside the home.

Life of carpenter ant

The sovereign thus takes care of her first posterity alone, whose task, as an adult, consists of dealing with the abode of the anthill; the sovereign, at that point, appeasing herself only with the laying of eggs. For the underground insect to grow, it takes between 50 and 70 days during which it advances unexpectedly: egg, baby, prepupa, sprite, and imago. As an adult, the underground insect could then expect to live a year if it were a specialist or seventeen years if it were a sovereign.

All together for the settlement to reach its full development, it is important to wait in any case for three years. It is then composed of at least 2,000 specialists and the sovereign begins to produce, at the end of each late spring, sexual insects and wings that, thus, will be forced to establish another settlement. It Is common to see fourmis charpentières partoutnear the nest.

How to perceive carpenter ants?

There are reds and blacks (both with a brown tendency) and the guys are about ten millimeters. Guys and future sovereigns have wings. Young sovereigns mate in the spring and then lose their wings. In May, the winged ants leave the house and fly away. Consequently, it is now that it is especially imperative to watch the parades of workers measuring 6 to 13 mm.

What harm can there be if nothing is done?

Carpenter ants have tunnels in wood or other material to place their young and are especially fond of moist conifers. In contrast to termites, they do not benefit from wood. Thus, they leave wherever they may be, indications of their essence as small piles of sawdust catapulted from the windows. If the root problem with your foundation is not found and resolved, it can deteriorate over time.

How to eradicate carpenter ants?

At Solution Cimex, the website uses the best instruments in the class to find dangerous areas where carpenter’s ants are found in general. Hot cameras allow us to recognize temperature variations on partitions, which run the risk of generating sticky areas supported by carpenter ants all over.

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