Air Con Vs Ceiling Fan: What is the Best Home Cooling Solution?

When it comes to cooling down your home and making it more comfortable for everyone inside, you have two main options. Both of these mediums of cooling are the most prominent in households because they offer the best results. Ceiling fans have been around for decades whereas air conditioning units are a relatively new invention. The debate has been raging for many years, which is better – AC or a fan?


When you look at the cost, it is easy to see why some people opt for a ceiling fan. They have a lower initial price, and they are less costly to operate and maintain. When it comes to home cooling systems, you get what you pay for. That is why buyers choose home air conditioning in Melbourne by Extrordinair. Paying a little extra is not an issue when you get a modern domestic cooling device.

Comfort & Cooling

Let’s face it, a ceiling or portable fan does not provide the same level of cooling as a modern AC system. When it comes down to creating a comfortable environment, there is no competition. Your AC system allows you to cool the temperature of the room down to a number you feel most comfortable at. A ceiling fan or portable fan is just cooling the air by blowing it back at you.

High Temperatures

On an extremely hot day during the summer when you have to stay indoors for refuge, a ceiling fan will just not do. No matter how hot it is outside, your AC allows you to change the environment indoors and drop the temperature to an acceptable level. Its imperative that you carry out proper maintenance and cleaning before and during the summer months to allow for maximum efficiency.

Installation Process

Air conditioning systems take more time to install, and they need more space than fans. Ductwork and vents need to be placed in the right position, that is why most AC systems are installed before building a home commences.

Cooling Area

One big disadvantage of a fan is that they only cool a specific area. When you shut the doors and windows and turn on the AC, the entire room and sometimes more gets cooled to a comfortable temperature. You need multiple fans to cover a large space.

As you can see, there are several pros and cons to choosing one over the other, but the fact remains that when it comes to precise cooling and increased comfort, an AC system is always going to be better than a portable fan or ceiling fan. It is a more advanced cooling device that offers a range of features.

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