Asbestos Roof Removal: What you Need to Know

If you are planning to replace your old warehouse roofing for something more energy efficient, there is a very high chance that asbestos is present in the roofing sheets, especially if the building was constructed pre-1970. The Australian government takes asbestos removal very seriously, as they fully understand the risks when dismantling structures that contain this deadly substance, indeed, there is a huge asbestos removal sector, with trained technicians who use state of the art equipment.

Here are some important aspects of asbestos removal to consider:

  • Age of the building – Of course, there are no visible signs to indicate the presence of asbestos; it could be incorporated into many building components and the age of the structure would be one indication. In the mid-1970s, Australia banned the use of asbestos in construction, so any building that is older than that, could very well contain asbestos.
  • Testing for the presence of asbestos – The only way to know for sure whether asbestos is actually present on the roof, is to contact a government approved company that offers safe asbestos roof removal in Perth and they can carry out extensive testing to determine the presence of asbestos.
  • Asbestos detection & removal – Once the material has been detected, the experts would work with you to schedule the removal. Of course, the site needs to be evacuated, with only authorised personnel allowed on the location. The work would be completed in a timely manner by qualified technicians and once the all-clear has been sounded, you can continue with your roof replacement.
  • Choosing a contractor – As you would expect, there are quite a few asbestos removal contractors, all state approved to handle asbestos and its removal. Start with a Google search and browse the websites of local providers, then you can make a few enquiries and set the ball rolling.
  • The removal process – Once you have had it confirmed that asbestos is in fact present, you are not tied to the initial contractor and we advise asking a couple of asbestos removal firms to quote for the project. A large project would mean the entire area would have to be closely controlled and with the removal team working well, the removal process will soon be complete and the residue is taken away inside the powerful vacuum machines.

Whether your business premises or your home, if you are carrying out renovations, you should always test for the presence of this deadly material.

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