Almost all of us dread the thought of climbing upstairs. We’ve all been worried about slipping down the stairs sometime or the other. During winters, the possibility of this nightmare coming to life is higher than usual. Snowmelt system installation Toronto can help remove the snow and ice build-up and make the staircase safer for you and your family. Installing a snowmelt system does away with the residual slush and moisture, which often gets left behind due to shoveling and salting. If you plan to get a snow melting system for your stairs, then here is all that you need to know about it.

How does the heating system work?

In an electric snow melting system, there are a series of wires which heat up. The heat generated by these wires helps to clear up the snow or the ice build-up. The system uses sensors that detect precipitation and cold temperatures, enabling them to start the healing process when there is an icy precipitation build-up. The heat used by the system completely dries up the stairs compared to the other method, which usually leaves behind some moisture unless the surface is exposed to sunlight for a very long term.

How are the wires installed on the stairs?

Suppose the stairs are already installed in your house. In that case, you don’t have to worry as the heating system can be installed in existing concrete stairs, and it’s a relatively simple procedure. The cables that will carry out the heating process have to be fasted down on top of the steps. After that, install material on top of the steps from there. You could use tile, marble: granite, or any other compatible material. Installing a material on top will help make your stairs safer for you during the winter and give your house a new look. Once the installation process is complete, the stairs would be able to repel snow, ice, or any other winter moisture with great ease.

Where else can this heating technology be used?

Snow and ice build-up anywhere can be harmful and is a sign of disaster waiting to happen. You can install this snow melting system in your walkways. You can consider installing them in your driveways and walkways, and other locations as well. It helps to increase safety. It is easy to slip as there is a lot of moisture build-up, especially when the floor suddenly becomes wet. If your house’s stairs are perfectly dry and then suddenly get covered in the snow slush, then the chances of someone slipping are higher than usual. The moment you get to distract, you might fall and get hurt.

If you face the issue of slippery stairs every time winters come around, then you might have a problem with snow build up in the driveway too. You can tackle this problem by installing a heating system in your stairway and your driveway and walkway. It will help to make your house safer.

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