Common Problems that HVAC Chesapeake VA Contractor Will Fix

Our HVAC systems have the most functions at home, thus, they shouldn’t miss playing their roles for us. What if one of your units, such as heaters, boilers, and air-conditioners breaks down on a crucial day? I guess you’ll be in trouble if one of these malfunctions, especially during the night because such a situation will wake up everybody.

This event usually occurs and is experienced by most residents, that’s why you should know who to call during emergencies. Well, you should ask your neighbors for recommendations because they surely have a contact in your locality. It would be good to inquire from HVAC Chesapeake VA for their services in advance.

In this way, you’ll be aware of what help they can offer you since there are a lot of problems that may happen to your HVAC system. For example, they may do repairs, installations, and regular maintenance which are the common services provided. Anyway, what matters most here is that they’re certified, thus, they have licenses, as well as, training and experience.

Common Problems

When you’re sweating because your AC isn’t cooling or feeling cold due to a malfunctioning furnace, something’s wrong. You better call an expert to fix such issues.

You might not be familiar with the usual HVAC problems happening at home. Thus, let me list down some of them for your information.

Broken Air Conditioner

We can say that your AC is broken when it’s not cooling the room or won’t even turn on. In this state, it would be difficult for you to stay indoors because you’ll surely sweat a lot. So are you going out and finding a comfortable place to rest?

Before doing so, check the condition of your thermostat, unit, circuit breaker, and settings. Take down all the necessary details because you must provide them when calling a technician. Wait for the contractor to come and he’ll conduct inspections for assessment – repair or replacement could solve it – read https://www.13newsnow.com/article/weather/chesapeake-apartment-residents-left-in-the-heat-with-broken-air-conditioners-hideaway-at-greenbrier/291-d2d432d2-02c8-4012-ba90-a875c9771ab8 and learn what happens when your units are broken.

Sometimes, what your AC needs is cleaning but it couldn’t be the case at all times. The unit won’t be blowing cool air if the filter is dirty or full of residues. It would be nice to clean them, though an expert must also visit for further investigations.


You’ll notice that something is leaking when water starts dropping from the machine, unit, or pipe. However, we can’t always be sure of what remedies to do. Even before thinking about patching the hole, you must first find out the root.

Duct pipes could be complicated so let’s not touch and leave them to the technicians. Remedies may sometimes work to stop leaks but these are just temporary solutions. Something might be blocking the tubes where water is supposed to pass.

Without the right and appropriate tools, let’s not go further. Don’t wait for your rooms to flood and prepare cleaning materials. When the floor’s wet, the place is prone to slip and fall accidents, so call an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

Uneven Temp Distribution

Have you noticed if there are parts of the house where you feel like it’s warmer or cooler? Since we’re not aware of this issue, we think that this situation could be normal and may be happening in other houses as well. You should know that there is an uneven distribution of temperature either hot or cold – go here to learn about year-round temp.

This is something that is out of our control because changing the thermostat setting won’t solve such a problem. You can also experience this when the unit’s capacity is not enough to cool your room. In this case, there’s nothing to fix but you must replace your unit with a higher capacity.

But don’t jump to such conclusions right away. The experts must look for open spots first because temperature may pass through those spaces.


When the units are old, they’ll usually produce noise. This loud noise may even annoy neighbors and that’s why they complain. The best solution is to ask for a replacement so that the contractor can install a new machine.

Sometimes, they could still be fixed so ask for repairs once the fault was found. The problem that could be creating noise is its motor, belt, fan, and compressor to name a few. I guess these parts can be replaced or repaired if the issue isn’t worse.

Lack of Maintenance

You are responsible for your investments. Purchasing a unit is expensive, so it’s not always a good choice. When there’s still a chance for repairs and the unit is still a few years old, don’t rush to get new ones.

Most of the time, your machines malfunction because they require regular maintenance. As homeowners, we have to take care of our HVAC. Thus, contact reliable contractors for maintenance services and inspections.

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