Detailed Carpet Guide- Types, Features & Uses

You get a lot of options and varieties when you head over to a store to get some carpet for your house. These are an integral part of your home decor, which is why installing them in your house sometimes becomes necessary. However, do you know everything about the carpets that you are choosing for your house? If not, then this detailed carpet guide is just for you.

  • Types of carpets – Carpets can be divided on the basis of many factors, like the fabric they are made of, the thickness of their density, and even the type of yarn in which they are woven. But most of the time, these carpets that you pick for your home decor are selected based on the materials they are available in. As per this, there are a few main types of carpets, which are listed below.
  • Jute carpets – The jute carpets are made up of jute and are mostly easy to maintain and clean. They are also an eco-friendly option and very much in budget.
  • Shag carpets – The second most preferred carpets after jute carpets are the shag ones. They are super comfortable, very soft, and perfect for your living room decor.
  • Polyester carpets – When you are looking for a long lasting option, simply opt for the polyester carpets. They are tough, have high endurance, and are also very budget friendly items for your home decor.
  • Wool carpets – For those who love thick, cushioned bases in their bedrooms and living rooms, wool carpets are simply perfect. These are tough and clean, but they definitely look awesome in any kind of home decor theme.
  • Olefin carpets Although olefin resists stains and moisture well, it is less wearable than nylon and polyester. It works best for building loop heaps or tall, extremely dense cut piles.
  • Uses of carpets – Now that we know about the few main types of carpets, it is essential that you are aware of its uses in your house so that you know why you’re spending so much in buying and installing them in your place.
  • Comfort factor – Most of the carpets that you buy for your homes are very soft and thick layered, providing a cushioned sole under your feet. This adds to the comfort factor of your home, which is why you tend to pick these for your bedroom or living room.
  • Aesthetics – When you are picking up carpets according to your home decor theme or getting some classical pieces like Turkish carpets or the shag rugs, these are very beautiful and add in to the aesthetics of the place. By matching or contrasting such carpets for your home, you enhance the beauty of your place instantly.
  • Safety purpose – Sometimes, when people pick a carpet for their homes, they have the intention of making the place safer and more secure for themselves and their family members. This carpeted layer on your floor makes your flooring non-skid and anti slip which adds to the safety of your home.
  • Insulation of house – Carpets also play an important role in insulating your home. If you think you face a lot of chill in your house, then add a thick carpeted layer on the floor, and you are good to go with a cozy and warm home.

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