Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income from Your Home

Motivated by isolation, as well as an uncertain economy, many people have begun seeking new ways to extra income from within their homes. There are many online communities dedicated to the endeavour and, this year, they have seen a substantial increase in membership and activity.

Earning an extra income is far from impossible. In fact, there seem to be more ways than ever before in which a person can set about obtaining extra money with nothing more than a laptop. Websites like Fiverr and Skooli are both well-developed communities that can be used both casually and, for some, as a source of full-time work.

The difficulty occurs when making the transition from earning enough money to afford your coffee expenditure for the month, to being able to pay your rent and bills. So, before you begin, you need to have an exact idea of your target earnings. This way, when making decisions about investment and lifestyle, you’ll avoid common many mistakes.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn extra income, methods that can be used casually and, with the right amount of work, professionally too.

Rent Your Property

Renting culture is booming. And, for those with spare rooms, summer houses, and second homes, this is great news. Property rental websites, either for short term stays or long-term rentals, are making great business, especially during a growing culture of staycations.

However, it isn’t just overnight stays. Your car and parking spaces can be rented too. Whether you’re willing to escort people with Uber or host cars on your drive with JustPark, you can use your downtime to earn a little extra with the property that might otherwise be collecting dust.


If you have a computer, you have access to an audience. You just need something to broadcast. Seeing the top streams online might make you think that money can only be made by playing video games but this is far from true. Many streamers are now making money from their hobbies and skills. Bakers, carpenters, and yoga instructors are all turning to digital streaming platforms to earn money in their spare time, simply by broadcasting the activities they would be enjoying anyway.


While knowing more than one language can open many doors, there’s still a significant demand for those who can speak only English online. Historically, teaching English abroad has been the endeavour of many eager to travel. However, now, the internet is driving down costs as many native English speakers are happy to teach online from their own home.

You can choose your hours and your clients, working as little or as much as you want, and earn by simply chatting to those looking to improve their language skills.

Sell Your Wares

You may know that many people make a casual income from eBay, while others use it as a full-time business. The marketplace website remained unchallenged for years, until now. Websites and applications like Depop are now growing in popularity as an alternative way to sell belongings, while others, such as Etsy, are enabling creatives to sell their products and designs with ease.

If you have a keen eye for valuable books or perhaps enjoy designing plant pots, your hobby could potentially be a great source of casual income if you begin sharing it online!

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