From Old to New Before You Know It.

For a builder or tradesperson jobs can become tedious due to the uniform nature of the criteria they work to and perhaps having several of the same jobs to do in the same day, renovations tend to be where we find real enthusiasm.

A craftsman in his natural habitat

Perhaps you are in the market of buying ‘doer uppers’, a property in need to some building care prior to it being sold, worked in or lived in. In which case you will likely want the best of both worlds, someone that can deliver what they promise, in good time and will be with you for any teething issues after they leave.

Whether buy to let or buy to sell the service needed is probably similar. If in the Sydney area and in need of kitchen renovations advice you could do a quick Internet search for kitchen renovations Sydney, you will be met with a host of different companies ready to take your money, prior to doing that, do read our recommendations below to help you narrow things down.

Restoration work brings out the best in tradespeople, something unique and exciting to work with, where problem solving and initiative are part and parcel of the required service. Often there is a new lease of life as things start to take place.

Areas of expertise.

Some companies are more like ‘GPs’, they don’t really specialise in any particular area. Unlike specialists who have a wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding the work that you need done. It is always best to employ the services of an expert to ensure the job is done to code, meets current regulations and that the quality is that of workmanship. For instance, you will require a Corgi registered engineer for gas work.

What can you offer me?

  • Make a list of the services that you think you require
  • Be sure to ask what experience the company has and what are qualified to do, restorations are a specific market, accreditations with differ in some ways.
  • Always ask to see other jobs that are complete and speak with the customers for a feel of that you will receive service wise.
  • Always get a few different quotes to ensure you have some leverage when it comes to negotiation.

Relationships are as important as quality work.

In search of ‘best price’, the importance of the relationship you have with your chosen team can be forgotten. In many ways, quality of relationship can be more important than other factors. As an example, aftercare is a big topic of discussion, leaving the question “What happens if things go wrong?” It is really important that you trust the people that you employ and that there is a mutual

respect. Thus, meaning there is a much better chance they will return even for the smallest of issues for years to come.

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