Luxury Kitchens Using Composites: The Future is Here

If you are going to bring in a little luxury into the home, the kitchen is the obvious space to choose, which is a lot more than a food cooking and prep area, as we use out kitchen as a communal place where the family gather morning and evening. Traditionally, if you wanted to really shell out on a luxury kitchen, the benchtops and splashbacks would be fine Italian marble, with stone floor tiles, but most of us don’t have an unlimited budget when it comes to a kitchen renovation.

Composite Materials
Fortunately, there are composite solutions in the form of engineered stone with stunning examples of luxury marble finishes, which is made with crushed stone and resin, which is pressed at high pressure to leave a stunning slab of engineered stone that perfectly replicates fine marble, complete with the swirls and veins you find in quarried marble. This is perfect for stone benchtop and splashback use and if you would like to view a complete range of premier engineered stone marble designs, search for engineered stone supplier on Google, where you will find unique patterns designed by experts.

Easy to Work
Engineered stone is easy to work with and that will please the kitchen installation team if you are using a renovation company, or if it is a DIY project, you can order exact sizes. As far as durability goes, engineered stone is on a par with natural stone, so your man-made stone will last a lifetime.

Composite Stone Flooring
There are two ways to achieve that Italian marble look; luxury vinyl or man-made tiles, with luxury vinyl being the cheapest option; hi-res digital images are embedded into the vinyl flooring and they have many timber, stone and slate finishes. Man-made stone tiles look every bit as good as natural tiles and are cheaper than natural stone pavers.

When you look at what must be done to quarry a piece of natural stone and transport this to a stone polisher’s facility, engineered stone is the eco-friendly way to acquire stylish and elegant marble or granite finishes.

Online Solutions
If you would like to browse an extensive catalogue of fine engineered stone designs, search with Google for an engineered stone supplier in your area. Once on their website, you can choose from the premier or standard catalogue and as the slabs are larger than natural stone, you can get all the benchtops and splashbacks from a single piece of engineered stone.

Not only will see you save money when you choose engineered stone, you are also taking the eco-friendly route to acquiring elegant marble in your kitchen.

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