Replacing Sash Windows in a Renovation Project

Renovation projects are always exciting times. Anything is possible and depending on the state of the building in question, it could be a completely blank slate for a design team to work with. If there are currently sash windows in place at the property, you might be looking at using them in some way. What should you do? For some people, there is a desire to retain sash windows, but should you renovate them, repair sash windows, or replace them with like for like? There are a few different options to choose from, but if you are keeping the aesthetic that was originally present at the property, keeping sash windows is a great idea décor wise.

The beauty of getting advice from a specialist sash window repair and sash window replacement team is that they can take a look at your sash windows and pretty quickly provide you with the answers as to the best approach to take in terms of your renovation project. The technology involved in double glazing continue to develop at an astonishing speed, and this means that you can replace your sash windows if it is completely necessary, with brand-new sash windows that benefit from double glazing. You then experience the warmth and aesthetic pleasure of the classic sash window design and function, within the parameters of modern double-glazing technology and sealed units.

What you should always ensure when replacing sash windows though, is that there is care to replicate the original windows in moulding and detail. The end result should always be that the sash windows look and feel like the originals, and function in the same way, but in essence they have been installed utilising modern technology and materials to improve heat retention and to insulate well from outside sounds etc.

There are a few different reasons why you might wish to go down the replacement sash window route, rather than the repair angle. It is a fact, that sometimes, sash windows in renovation projects are beyond repair, or the time, money and effort put into repairing them could be better served with a replacement sash window. In other cases, properties might have the period feel where a sash window would have originally been in place, but at some point, they have been replaced with uPVC windows and the renovation project wishes to reinstall the original feel and aesthetic of the property by installing new sash windows.

It is rare that original sash windows are completely beyond repair. In these cases, you should always first speak to a sash window repair specialist. That way, an expert can take a look at your sash windows and offer their expertise and advice about whether to repair the sash windows or offer a replacement with advanced technology that provides you with the exact same look and feel that you are looking for in terms of sash windows. Whether you are looking for replacement sash windows or sash window repairs, always look to hire the services of experts in the field. That way, your renovation project will benefit from the highest quality.

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