Steps You Can Take to Keep the Bugs Away this Summer

Picture this: it is a lovely, hot summer’s day. There is a cool breeze drifting through the air, one that ventilates your body making sure you do not become uncomfortable. As you lie in your living room, you think of how lucky you are to experience such bliss. A cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade sits on the ground beside you, a single bead of water rolls down the side of the glass joining the small pool that sits at the glass’ edge on the floor. You have two weeks off work, and you plan to spend them exactly like this. You reach for the leather-bound book that is resting on your chest, Charles Dickens, you swore to read more classical literature and here is your time to shine. As you open up the dog-tagged page, you shift in your laying position to get ready to sink into a journey of imagination, but as you begin to read the first few lines you cannot help but hear a distant ‘buzzzzzzz’. You shut the noise out, return to the words, but there it is again ‘buzzzzz’. This time louder ‘BUZZZZZZ’. The fly lands on your hand, you swat at it eagerly, but it easily moves out of the way and buzzes off.

Prevent This from Happening

Bugs in the house can be a serious problem, much worse than the portrayed example. Some households experience complete infestations when they do not take the proper steps to prevent the little critters from entering the house. There are many reasons as to why bugs may find access to your living quarters. One may be that you are leaving food out. Bugs, especially ants, will find their way to anything sweet. By leaving foodstuff out on the counter you are asking for trouble. To add to this, leaving the windows open is another way of practically inviting bugs into your home. If you are going to leave the windows open at least consider purchasing a Mandurah security screen. These screens allow the fresh air to pass through, but any insect will be caught in the fine wire mesh of the screen. Take your bug control seriously! These Mandurah screens are usually not very expensive, with a wide range of differing models at different prices. There is one for everyone’s budget.

Do not let bugs in this summer. They can ruin food, cause smells and create discomfort

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