The Best Tips for Easier Home Decluttering

The idea of decluttering your home may have already been on your mind for a while, but to be honest, it can be difficult to start the project because just the thought of going through all your stuff is already tiring. But if you have too many things and some of them are not useful anymore or are broken and just gathering dust in your garage, attic, basement, or even your living area, it may be time to sit down and get to it. Getting rid of clutter doesn’t just lessen your anxiety and stress – there is also less to keep clean and organize, and you have more freedom to move around without any worry in your home and property as well. But how can you even begin to declutter? Here are the best tips for easier home decluttering you should know.

  • Start small and go on from there. It’s easy and practical. We’re talking about keeping it simple – say, start with just a few minutes each day. If decluttering is entirely new to you, you can build your momentum by just dedicating a few minutes each day to a specific spot or area, like a drawer or cabinet.
  • You can also decide to give away or donate one item every day. Imagine doing this for one whole year, and you would already have gotten rid of 365 things!
  • Get a trash bag, fill it with as many items as you can see, fill it as quickly as possible, and then donate these items to Goodwill.
  • Seek help from a professional. There are many junk removal experts out there, like junk removal company Evergreen, and they can help you get rid of junk items – items that are broken, old, or just plain unwanted. Relying on an expert can spur you on and encourage you to get through the process.
  • If you have clothes that you haven’t worn for more than six months, why not donate them as well? You can make this easier by hanging your clothes in reverse. Once you wear a piece of clothing, you can then place the hanger in the proper direction. Once you see hangers still in the reverse order after a few months, you can go ahead and donate those items.
  • Check out your home and see it with a visitor’s eyes. Since you live there, it can be easy to ‘unsee’ it and forget how your home appears to those seeing it for the first time. Try entering your home like a visitor, and write down your impression in terms of its cleanliness and organization. Once you do this, it is easier to make specific changes.
  • Make use of the ‘four boxes’ process. Get four big boxes and then label them as trash, keep, relocate, or give away. Then go into any room and place every item you see in one of the boxes. Try not to skip any item, even if it looks insignificant. The entire process can take more than a few weeks, even months, but this gives you a better and clearer perspective on what exactly you own and enable you to determine what to do with each.

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